Not only you require cc for free plan, but cc won't register. LOL, goodbye

Over the irritating fact that you are forced to add a credit card to try free plan (say goodbye to lot of users), my cc is also refused (it has credit, it’s valid and I just bought from amazon without an issue).

Lol, goodbye, gonna try something else

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Roflmao, is that supposed to hurt my feelings somehow? is the one loosing customers, I just lost 3 minutes to create the account.

Farewell, my cute little friend

That would be an issue with stripe, not Fly.

It makes sense to require a CC, to prevent malicious actors using fly for spamming…

Use your brain.

Growing pains. You may want to email Fly (; ignore the auto-reply) with your credit card provider / location / other relevant information, so they may attempt to fix it?

I am also giving to use the free plan to upgrade my Heroku app. Any suggestions?