No known healthy instances found for route tcp/443

Hi, Im receiving such an error during last 15hours. Tried to restart it many times but nothing helps. The app is deployed via Docker and uses Postgres. Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks in advance

My postgres instance state… But I can connect to the database by proxying the port to localhost

Have you tried restarting your postgres app: fly postgres restart --app <app-name>? It might have failed to register its health checks on its last restart

when I’m trying to do this, I’m receiving: no active leader found

Add the --force flag

Thanks for the help. I’ve solved my issue by doing the following (maybe in future it will help someone)

  1. run to get the machine id: flyctl status -a <app name>
  2. flyctl -a <app name> machine restart <machine id>
  3. flyctl pg restart -a <app name>