New deployments failing to be placed

Currently on a fly deploy, my latest version is struggling to be placed in AMS location (the first VM, one of four). AMS just times out, and then fly rolls back to a previous version, but that one as well, is failing to be placed.

Any idea on what to do here?

Looking at the logs, the deploy just gets stuck on:

2021-07-22T15:35:39.205763682Z runner[4266ac80] ams [info] Starting instance
2021-07-22T15:35:39.267958181Z runner[4266ac80] ams [info] Configuring virtual machine
2021-07-22T15:35:39.276858186Z runner[4266ac80] ams [info] Pulling container image
2021-07-22T15:35:47.258717378Z runner[4266ac80] ams [info] Unpacking image
2021-07-22T15:36:13.092386293Z runner[4266ac80] ams [info] Preparing kernel init
2021-07-22T15:36:13.867249621Z runner[4266ac80] ams [info] Configuring firecracker

This seems to have been a bug in our provisioning that we cleared up about 2 hours ago. Will you give it another try? Sorry about that.

Hi Kurt,

It’s working now! Thanks :slight_smile:

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