Need to automatically accept the warning when setting a secret in GitHub actions using the superfly/flyctl-actions@1.1

WARN app flag ‘pr-2-osc-academic-hub’ does not match app name in config file ‘osc-academic-hub’
? Continue using ‘pr-2-osc-academic-hub’ (y/N) 25lError EOF

I need to add a flag that either removes warnings or accepts them, is this possible?

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I think you’re out of luck unless code changes (1, 2) are made to flyctl to allow for a non-interactive deploy.

Btw, consider using the new setup-flyctl gh-action (nb, it won’t fix the issue you’re seeing).

As a workaround, see: How do I automatically answer y in bash script? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange (example).

cc: @jsierles

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Hello there,

i found another way to get this working, can you let me know of any potential pitfalls related to pointing the --config flag to another toml file?

No complications that I can think of. It works nicely for one of the apps I deploy (deploy it twice, once each for the two different fly.tomls; ref).

A simpler way to get this particular issue is to avoid defining app in fly.toml altogether.