Machines -> Page Not Found

I tried auto-migrating my v1 postgres app to v2 at about 2pm PDT today July 22, 2023, but the migration failed (timed out waiting for healthy host). Instead of debugging via cli, I canceled.

I am getting alerts saying my db is in read-only mode.

Now the Web UI says the db is “suspended” (grey vertical lines instead of check marks). When viewing the app (url: /apps/{appName}) and I click on “Machines” or “Scale” in the left menu bar, shows “Page not Found”. On my other apps, it takes me to a view with the machines associated.

When I ask to list the machines via cli, it says there are no machines

fly m list -a {appName}
No machines are available on this app

The database is being hosted and my access is able to read/write to it.

Should I:

  1. create a fresh v2 postgres and perform a data migration?
  2. retry to automatic migration?

It seems flyio did not disable the read-only mode during the migration rollback. I’m opting for 1/ by manually backing up the existing instance, creating a fresh cluster in v2.

+1 If you can afford the downtime, this is always preferable.

I ended up starting fresh and uploading a new db.

This is unfounded, but it may have needed more time than the migration tool allowed resulting in a false positive failure.

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