Machines not responding to Non Standard Ports

Looking good. I am going now test firing up multiple machines at different ports and store data in each and query each one independently and lets see if the correct results come back.

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FYI, this is something we’re probably going to restrict in the future. The proxy design we have in place is not good for running a whole bunch of isolated ports on a single IP. It’s sort of an oversight that it works at all. :slight_smile:

The “supported” path here is to run an app in front of machines to route traffic, either by proxying directly or using fly-replay.

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Ok I see. I just tested persisting data to each db and the correct data is being returned when hitting the machines at the different ports so you are correctly routing based on ports. or I am just very lucky today.

It was nice while it lasted. I think we will create a machine per app, clientID-App1, ClientID-App2 etc… machines all at standard https port (not feeling real confident with the non standard ports). The nice part about all customer machines under one app is that billing was easy since you break down our cost by app. From our end users perspective it makes no difference.

In case your wondering these demo machines are all connecting to a planetscale db.

Is there a billing API that return cost break down?

Following up on this. We are now creating multiple user apps representing a single “Object Store”. Each app has 1 machine reachable at the app endpoint at the standard port 443. Users can create and destroy apps, stop, start, destroy and recreate the machine. No more port mapping at a single IP. I guess that was a bit of a hack (our demos are still doing this)

We can now use secrets instead of env variables having multiple machines under the app made it difficult to use secrets, since machines inherit secrets from the app and in our case the values needed to be different for each machine.

I’m looking but cant find a “billing” API. We pass the fly fees over to our customers. Can you point me in the right direction. I see this Sign In · Fly but don’t see how to access this info from an API call. I hope it’s not a graphql query. I just find a rest API easier. I did check out Graphql but it did not seem to have a query we could use that would return our cost per app. Then again I’m not proficient in Graphql.


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