Machine died during migration due to no image existing

I will fix it myself but just for your awareness, it seems this app failed to migrate because the image didn’t exist, presumably because it hasn’t been deployed in like 9 months?

I got the email for migrations on the 18th, and then this happened 10 days later:

2024-06-28T00:18:05.853 app[1781477f957dd8] iad [info] [2357453.230774] reboot: Restarting system
2024-06-28T00:18:43.174 runner[1781477f957dd8] iad [info] Pulling container image [](
2024-06-28T00:18:44.865 runner[1781477f957dd8] iad [error] Unable to pull image, not found, canceling deploy

The app:


No need to worry about the state of this app and it probably will be fixed by the time you see this, but just a friendly heads up so you can see an example of a migration that was not so uneventful.


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