Log Ingestion to Syslog endpoint

Is there a way to ingest Fly logs into a central source, for instance DataDog?

DataDog does have a syslog endpoint …

Our containers are running OpenResty and logging to stdout and stderr - just need a place to send the logs to.

This post mentions that it’s being worked on: New Logging Infrastructure - #5 by steve

One hacky way to do this now (as I’ve done on other providers like Digital Ocean) is to run a Docker image with multi-process support. In there you would run fly log and send its output to a file, while another service like Vector may consume it and ship your logs off. Here’s an example of that from LogDNA.

I just got started with Fly, but I’ll give this a try and see if it works there.

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That should work great! We’ve been playing with s6 for running multiple processes in a container partially for logs, but also for tools like litestream.io.

I got this working roughly with Vector and s6 here: GitHub - jsierles/fly-logdna: Fly application template for publishing fly logs to LogDNA

@kurt is the CLI polling the logs endpoint? Or is it a websocket subscription? I want to see if one can use it as an http source with vector. But i guess I would have to deal with some formatting too right?

Hi folks! I’ve just posted here: Fly Logs over NATS about a new NATS endpoint i’ve just made available to subscribe to a log stream from within a Fly vm. Feel free to give it a try and let me know any thoughts you have!