LiteFS Cloud: Don't show all my databases

I have 71 databases and it only shows 2 databases :thinking:

Any idea what the issue can be? Thanks!

Checking the logs, I have found this error: “write backup tx snapshot: backup client error (400): database invalid”

Is there any restriction on the length of the name of the database?

Hi @gcv

What’s the name of the database file? Does it contain any special characters/white spaces?

They don’t contain any special characters/white spaces, but they can have around 140 characters.

Yeah, you are hitting the limit on database name length on our side. We can increase it (right now it’s rather low).
Out of curiosity, why do you need such long database names?

Great! Thanks!

I have a database per user, and I use a unique prefix for each user’s database.

Got it.

We just increased the limit on DB name length. It’s now up to 256 chars.


It works! Thanks!

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