Is there a way to change/copy files to an app with Github Actions without redeploying?

I am trying to set up a website/app where I need to frequently change the files that are on the server (several times a day to potentially several times an hour). I currently have a setup where I am using a github action to redeploy the app whenever I push changes to the files, but that takes a while and seems like overkill, since I just need to copy the files to the server. Is there a simple way to do this, ideally through github actions?

Are these static files? As in, are the files served as-is in the same directory structure that they’re uploaded? Or does the application process them in some way before serving them out?

Either way, it sounds like something I’d put in an S3 bucket from the Github Action, and access it from the app.

The other option, if you have a single instance running, is to add a data volume to the instance and POST the files in via the application.