IPv6 routing issue with Airtel for MAA/Chennai node

Seems like traffic towards IPv6 MAA node is going via AMS-IX in Amsterdam. Issue is specifically with Airtel AS9498 (and it’s downstream).

RIPE Atlas trace from all Indian IPv6 atlas probes towards an IPv6 end point on Fly.io in MAA:
Atlas Console

This specific trace shows bad routing:

Traceroute to 2a09:8280:1::4049 (2a09:8280:1::4049), 48 byte packets

1 2401:4900:1c1a:683e::1 AS24560 1.303ms 0.959ms 1.151ms
2 2401:4900:1c1a:8fff::1 AS24560 6.165ms 5.13ms 4.197ms
3 2404:a800:1a00:802::a1 AS9498 4.11ms 4.195ms 4.342ms
4 2404:a800:0:4::23 AS9498 153.293ms 171.868ms 152.593ms
5 2001:7f8:1::a503:6236:1 amsix.as36236.net 167.438ms 168.293ms 167.816ms
6 2607:f740:d:10::4 AS36236 174.186ms 170.718ms 176.557ms
7 2607:f740:d:10::2 AS36236 174.868ms 175.104ms 174.602ms
8 2a09:8280:1::4049 AS40509 172.5ms 172.599ms 172.358ms```

Can someone at Fly.io check with your Indian upstream Tata Comm (AS4755) is they are announcing your routes to Airtel AS9498 in their Indian peering?
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Looks like a related issue to me: Global anycast routed to AMS