We just released a new feature that will let you experience a terminal with flyctl from your browser:

Behind the scene, it does some machines magic and deploys your own private terminal so you can clone repositories and fly launch them. After 10 minutes of inactivity, it will automatically shut down (just like our Code Server recipe) and reset to a blank state.

Initially, it comes with Elixir, PHP, and Ruby (Rails) built in to help users get unblocked if they face language-specific issues but we want to improve this in the future plus it’s also possible to apt-get things as needed.


Give the following a try:

rails new welcome --minimal
cd welcome
echo 'Rails.application.routes.draw { root "rails/welcome#index" }' > config/routes.rb
fly launch
fly deploy

Accept all defaults on fly launch. Or watch it here:


Gotta say, this was immensely useful this morning! I pushed out a change to one of my projects, which broke part of the api. Not too much, but enough that some users emailed me.

Unfortunately, shortly after I deployed my laptop went “pop” and I was left without any way to resolve the problem.

Working from my iPad, using this new CLI, I was able to fly deploy -i {img} to roll back to the previous version. (btw, we really need a rollback feature! especially from the web UI)

Some comments/improvements:

  • please try using this from an iPad/tablet during development. Not being able to repeat commands is quite annoying. Eg, pressing the “up” cursor isn’t possible.
  • being able to collapse the sidebar would be good to get more screen real estate. Also being able to set the text size.
  • some way to not have to repeat -a arg for all commands would be nice. Maybe that could be suggested in the welcome message when starting up the CLI?

Other than that, it was really useful, and saved my users some headaches while I’m unable to resolve the issue.


Glad it helped you!

As for rollback: we have new niceties coming for apps and we will start building UIs for that after the CLI part is done, we are a CLI-first company.

Thanks for those feedbacks!

This sounds really cool! Does it still work? When I go to and click the “Launch WebCLI” button, I see a progress spinner for “Finishing Checking if machine is reachable.” that never finishes.

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Hi Alex. We had to shut it down for a few days because we had some abuse issues but it should be on again as fast as DNS propagation is possible

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I have the same issue today. Clicking the “Launch WebCLI” button, I see a progress spinner for “Finishing Checking if machine is reachable.” that never finishes.

It is working fine now. :tada:

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