Inter-machine-process networking?

Is it possible for two processes in a machines-based app to talk to eachother by name? We are looking to deploy our frontend and backend as processes on the same app, but we’re struggling to find a way to tell the frontend where to send requests.

I don’t believe there is process group magic at the DNS level yet, but we do support routing requests to specific machines if you want to try using our public API (or DNS txt records) to list the machines in the app, then try them one-by-one until you get one that’s serving the backend.

This solution isn’t great; deploying both frontend and backend is just not a situation we’ve optimized for yet.

Edit: I took a look and it should be pretty simple to add support for filtering internal DNS by process group to our backend. Hopefully I’ll be able to give you some good news next week :slight_smile:

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Fly apps have access to a consul cluster right? Is it possible the backend could register itself with consul? It should be possible to make the frontend look at consul’s DNS server.

Good news!

You can now use <group>.process.<app>.internal to select machines from a specific process group.

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