Instances stuck in pending status

So, according to the status page the Consul downtime was fixed some minutes ago but my app instances are still stucked on Pending. I already tried redeploying and restarting but still stucked.

Can you post an app name or VM id?

Vm id: c30bbb34

I’m facing the same issue. VM id: 112a8a28

Similar to other reports, after the outage and trying a new deploy my instance has status “running” in fly apps list. Trying to do anything though says “Error host unavailable at ancient-wave-293: host was not found in DNS”. The instance has no logs in the online dashboard, and seems to not actually be running.

➜ fly apps list
ancient-wave-293 personal running nomad 29m51s ago

➜ fly ssh console ancient-wave-293

Error host unavailable at ancient-wave-293: host was not found in DNS

➜fly ssh console

Error no instances found for ancient-wave-293


We’re working through a deploy/scheduling backlog. These should all be running soon.

@foocux @Rycco you should be good, sorry about this

@khuajao your app is crashing because you’re trying to connect to the db with tls, which is not enabled. remove tls from the connection string and try again

@michael seeing the same issue. App name is rad-photo-app-minio

It looks like this is happening again: Deployment not switching to newer build

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