Increase disk capacity on VM

Hello fly team!

We initially set up our app with 10GB of storage.
Our application performs file processing that can exceed this capacity, so we want to increase it.

Since this is not a volume, is there a way to add more capacity?

The only alternative I see reading the documentation is to create a new volume and mount it in the /tmp directory

Something like this:


Would this be the ideal setup for this use case?


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Sounds like it.

Also, Volumes are persistent, so you may want to rm -rf /tmp-mounted-on-volumes on app reboots. /tmp is usually ram-disk, so I’d imagine that it is way faster than what you’d get with Volumes (which are on NVMes): Early look: PostgreSQL on Fly. We want your opinions. - #21 by kurt

Besides, you can extend Volumes, too (but not make them smaller). So, assign only as much space the app needs: Fly Volumes overview · Fly Docs

Volumes also come with their own problems (app instance is anchored to the host where the volume is created, and this has interesting implications like app VMs turning zombies).

Also, take snapshots (kept around only for 5 days!) if you need them (unlikely, judging by the name tmp) and keep your monitoring in order.