how to restart apps v1 app?

Is there a way to restart an app running on the apps v1 platform? Here’s what I’ve tried:

$ fly restart mess-with-dns
Error: this command has been removed. please use `fly apps restart` instead
$ fly apps restart mess-with-dns
Error: postgres apps should use `fly pg restart` instead
$ fly pg restart -a mess-with-dns
Error: command is not compatible with this image


Is this a postgres app :thinking: The CLI seems to think it is, yet says the command is not compatible. Strange.

You could try:

fly vm restart <instance-id> -a <app-name>

You should be able to get the instance ID from e.g

fly status

That will also confirm the platform it is running on (e.g nomad, machines).

fly vm restart does work, thanks!

I’m not sure what a “postgres app” means exactly – it uses a postgres db, but isn’t a Postgres database itself.

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Weird! (Thanks @greg)

It looks like this app somehow got labelled as a postgres cluster. We’re looking into it…

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