How to reset backup regions?

It appears I accidentally removed the default backup regions for my app. I can manually add back backup regions, but then I won’t automatically get new backup regions when I add new primary regions. I’d like to switch back to the default setup, so that when I change my regions the backup regions change automatically with them. Is there a way to get back to defaults?

We don’t currently have a way to reset them, sorry. This feature is mostly deprecated, though, so we’ll figure out a better way to handle this problem soon.

That said, though, you’re not likely to need backup regions at all in a multi region app — is there some specific scenario you’d want to make sure is dealt with? We can figure out what would happen in that case.

Which feature is deprecated? Setting backup regions? Or are backup regions as a whole deprecated?

I’ve always thought the backup regions feature was innovative, no one else is doing it, if anything just the communication around how it works needed some work, but the feature itself was pretty interesting.

Okay yeah good point.