How do I access legacy edge apps?

We started using Fly around 4 years ago, and have legacy apps setup.

I logged into fly today (for the first time in around 6 months) and our account is empty - no apps are showing.

There used to be an option to see our legacy apps, but they’re completely gone now.

How can I access them to manage them?

The web dashboard was end of lifed quite a while ago. The old JS based CLI might still works – but JS edge apps are effectively read only. Other than the hosting infrastructure to keep the JS running as long as needed, most of the tools that support them are gone.

Ah, ok - guess I’m going to have to do a migration away if there’s no way of modifying the apps etc

Are there any guides for migrating from an edge application to a container runtime application? We have already built a container image for the application but would like to preserve certificate and application secrets, if possible.

If there is no straightforward migration path it seems like our option is to recreate from scratch. Is there a way to request removal of the legacy application in this scenario? We have no way to access or administer the legacy app otherwise.

If you have a new container app ready to go, it’s pretty straightforward! We can link all your old certs to your new app, then you can change DNS to direct traffic there. Just email and tell us the old app you’re migrating from, and the new app you’d like certificates synced to.

You can start using the new app immediately for new certs, if you’d like.

Give us a few days after you email, we are way behind on emails.

Great, thank you so much!