Host is unreachable from builder

I’m trying to follow the directions here to connect to my tailnet. Unfortunately something strange is happening – I’m getting the following error from the builder:

 > [tailscale 4/4] RUN wget   && tar xzf tailscale_1.34.1_amd64.tgz --strip-components=1:
#39 0.347 Connecting to ([2604:a880:2:d0::61c:d001]:443)
#39 0.351 wget: can't connect to remote host: Host is unreachable

The url is good (I can grab it locally). Any idea what’s going on?

Is the base image Alpine? Are you building on GitHub Actions? I’ve seen Alpine wget act weird there and err out with 404s for inexplicable reasons.

Base image Alpine and not on Github Actions. Just fly deploy. It seems to have resolved itself. :person_shrugging: