Having trouble adding instances

I have an app kcd which is running 2 instances in den right now. I want to add more instances so I run:

fly vol create data --size 3 --region ams
fly scale count 3

And watch ams try to come up. Unfortunately it doesn’t and instead I get errors like this:

2023-01-18T16:56:07Z proxy[a8cadcac] ams [error]could not send HTTP request to instance: connection error: timed out

Or this:

2023-01-18T17:34:02Z proxy[19b35e45] ams [error]instance refused connection

I had this working yesterday, but had to scale down due to other issues I had. I’m trying to scale back up and experiencing these errors. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

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I was chatting with Kent out-of-band but I’ll reply here as well. If you’re seeing those errors just while you initially spin up a new instance then there could just be a delay in propagating the information to the proxy. LiteFS could be getting that information before the proxy so when it tries to replay requests or redirect them then there could be issues momentarily.

If you continue to see those errors regularly, though, that’s an issue to look further into.

I did see them for several minutes while trying to bring up new regions. So I gave it a couple hours and tried again and it’s working fine now :man_shrugging: Thanks for explaining!