Have you tried a beta flyctl yet?

Like all betas they aren’t supported but we have beta versions of flyctl available if you want to help test out new features, streamlined commands and new views. They are being made available to give early feedback. Interested?

Always be Beta-ing.

Yeah, how do you distribute the betas?

Same as normal, but add “-s prerel” to the sh command to get the prerelease. Drop the “-s prerel” to revert to non-beta.

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And we have a new beta out. flyctl beta 5 is full of new features.

These include new “builtin” builders which you can select when you init your App. Node, Ruby, Deno, Go and a static web server are available. No Dockerfile needed. Just init and deploy. Ideal for your quick instance. Browse them with the flyctl builtins list command. Tell us how they work for you!

There’s also a a new orgs command, bringing organizational creation to the command line. It’s missing the feature that lets you add users to the organization (you can do that from the web-ui still) but it’s here as an early peek-ette as we fill it out.

There’s also a set of dns commands, as mentioned in Feature Preview: DNS + domains - these are a preview and like everything in the beta subject to change.

Remember it is a beta…

To install it on mac or Linux,

curl -L https://fly.io/install.sh | sh -s prerel

(And if you tried it before on Linux, we tracked down a bug there and fixed it so that should be all good now)

To revert to a non-beta release

curl -L https://fly.io/install.sh | sh

Got questions? Ask here! Got answers? Let people know here!


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Oh, late update to beta 6 to fix up an issue with the certs command.

Which I did forget to mention. When you use the flyctl certs commands to set up your certificate, flyctl will try and help you by telling you what to do next…so if you have a domain certificate you want set up, use the flyctl command line and see how useful flyctl’s guidance is and let us know too!

Beta chat continues in a new dedicated topic -> The Fly Beta Shop -> see you there!