Hanging deploys / doctor reporting missing AAAA record

Hello I’m having trouble pushing to two apps created about the same time today. Searching the previous posts I came across using “flyctl doctor”, and on both apps it reports a missing AAAA record (on Fly’s end). Everything else is “OK”.

Checking AAAA record for beacon-staging.fly.dev… Nope
These IPs are missing from the beacon-staging.fly.dev. AAAA record: 2a09:8280:1::b974

Checking AAAA record for beacon-production.fly.dev… Nope
These IPs are missing from the beacon-production.fly.dev. AAAA record: 2a09:8280:1::1:b894

it also says

This likely means we had an operational issue when we tried to create the record. Post in https://community.fly.io/ or send us an email if you have a support plan, and we’ll get this fixed

so I’m doing that now :slight_smile:

Also for added context what I’m experiencing is:

fly deploy with or without --local-only goes silent for about 10 minutes after v6 is being deployed and then finally

Error 1 error occurred: * Post "https://api.fly.io/graphql": local error: tls: bad record MAC

Running this with --verbose doesn’t really add any more info to the error. I’m on the latest version of flyctl (0.0.441 darwin/arm64)

The web based monitoring page just says “Waiting for logs…”

Thank you in advance!

Hello just wondering if there’s anything I can do on these apps to trigger the correct records to be added. They are stuck in “pending” state because of the glitch.

FYI to anyone else who hits this: I just deleted and recreated the apps, however even after they work correctly, flyctl doctor can report that they are not configured correctly