Ghost instance running cron job

I have a ghost instance that execute a cron Job (configure with quantum → elixir).

So the f2ad... is the real instance (list on etc) but the d4e... is list nowhere and it’s impossible to stop it. I tried restart my app, deploy new instance etc. Nothing works.

Any idea how to fix that ?


My guess is Quantum wait the task to be executed before gracefully shutdown. Thing is: the task crash because my DB schema changed between those 2 deployments. So quantum restart everything, that’s delayed the gracefully shutdown.

Hey @matsa, we identified that you had a migration stuck running and have cleaned it up. This issue should be resolved now.

But to confirm has the ghost d4e... instance gone?

Hello thanks a lot @ahmatjunaid it looks like everything is fixed. Thanks a lot :wink:

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