Get acme challenge CNAME from the CLI


Is there a way to get the acme challenge CNAME for a certificate from the CLI? flyctl certs show doesn’t seem to show it, the only place where I can get it is in the admin UI, under the Confirm domain ownership (optional) section of the certificate page.


I needed that CNAME a while back too. Had to get the CNAME from the UI.

Would be a good addition to the CLI to save having to do that.

Meanwhile you could also use the graphql API or the Graphql Playground to grab this.

query {
  app(name:"yourapp") {
    certificates {
      edges {
       node {
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@joshua Thanks for the pointers!

I still think this would be useful to have in the CLI. Is there someplace I can open a feature request, or does this post count?

Here’s a good place to make a feature request: Issues · superfly/flyctl · GitHub