Full source / manual config of the jupyter notebook speed run?

Hi! Is the full source of the jupyter notebook speedrun, including all fly.io config available somewhere?

I.e. what I’d need to do to exactly replicate the speedrun manually (or preferably automatically through config files, Dockerfiles etc).

I think the jupyter example is great but leaves a gap when I want to make some small tweaks (install additional packages to the image) and get it running.


To fetch the app config, use:

fly config display -a your-notebook-appname

That can be used as a fly.toml to redeploy the app.

You can see the Docker image being used with:

fly image show -a your-notebook-appname

There you’ll see the app is using a stock Jupyter Docker image. Check the docs there to see how to customize the image.

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Thank you, exactly the missing pieces!