FlyScoop: Mobile app for monitoring/managing resources

An Android build is now available! Following this link should let you enroll in the open testing system (Play’s equivalent to TestFlight):

Any/all feedback is welcome (even if it’s just “it worked”) - I’ve tested on an emulator but not a real device. Enjoy!

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:wave: Hello again. Fun news: I’ve just opensourced this app. You can find the repo here:

If you’re interested in improving things, or just want to explore what a [far from exemplary] mobile / react-native app looks like, please do have a look. While I haven’t had a ton of time to take things further here, maybe this will help it along. Enjoy!


amazing! from file → new project to awesome open-source app!

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Installed the Android app on a Chromebook and a Pixel 5a.

It looks good and works as expected.

Thank you.

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Nice, thanks for the confirmation, @DazWilkin!

Is it still on TestFlight? The above link is no longer working

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Sorry about that! Looks like it has expired again. I will get a new build pushed - and get this sucker on the app store after that, as it seems it’s been pretty stable!

(And in the meantime please shout if you have any other feedback/suggestions.)

New build pushed, enjoy!

Hey @mikey, it looks like the app expired and the TestFlight link isn’t working (it says no longer accepting users in this beta).

Any chance we could get a refresh? Thanks!

Doh! I really need to get this sucker out. On it!

New build pushed to TestFlight & Android… as usual, holler if any problems!

@rlcustomdesigns (or anyone) - I’m curious if you’ve come to use the app regularly or have found any particular workflows useful? Just curious. I suppose it’s the downside of having zero analytics or third-party reporting in the app - I have no idea how it is being used! :slight_smile:

Hey @mikey thanks for getting it back up again!

I’m using my account to run a Discord bot I created for my community. I use FlyScoop for a super quick and easy way to access its logs. I’ve recently been adding new features to my bot, so having a mobile-friendly way to read my logs is useful to me in case I need to debug something.

If I see something unexpected in its behaviour, I just pull up the app and the logs tell me what happened. That’s basically my use case so far.

One thing I feel I really need is a way to turn the bot on/off. doesn’t offer any killswitch; a simple on/off toggle. I came to from Heroku, who had this. Correct me if I’m wrong but the only way to turn off the app is to use the CLI fly scale --app name count 0 to scale it down to 0, and then to 1 to turn it back on. I can’t use the CLI on mobile - so if it’s possible to do this via API/add this to FlyScoop, that would be perfect.

If I may offer some other feedback:

  • I don’t really have a use for the data transfer graph but it would be good if it had units. I can’t interpret what it means without it.
  • The tab row’s icons are getting cut off at the bottom.
  • The logs don’t have syntax highlighting - and they also don’t recognise coloured logs (they’re showing the codes instead). For reference, it’s a Python app. This is how it’s supposed to look:

This is how it looks in FlyScoop:

I hope that’s useful to you. Let me know if I can help in any other way!


Thanks for the awesome feedback! Quick notes inline:

That’s really cool to hear - basically it’s the same reason I wanted to make it (something easy to pull up “on the bus”).

I’d love that too, it’s been on the todo list but neglected as I haven’t had much time for this in a few months. I’ll try to give it a stab soon.

All great suggestions - I opened a few issues in the project to track.

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Awesome! Thank you so much for being receptive to feedback and actively looking out in the community.

Nice app! But it looks as if the TestFlight link has expired. Is it possible to open it up for more users? @mikey

Dang, this again… yes! My apologies for the delay as I’m currently traveling. I should be able to get this bumped in the next day or two.

(We’re also using Fly a little bit more, so I should have some time over the holiday weekend to touch up some of the lingering bug/feature requests.)

Should be back on TestFlight now, please let me know if not!

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Looks like the beta expired again. Thanks for the app! I’ve used it countless times to check logs on my phone.

Fixed - just pushed a new build out to TestFlight.

(And sorry I haven’t had time to add/improve features in the time since. PRs etc are still welcome in the github project.)