FlyScoop: Mobile app for monitoring/managing resources

An Android build is now available! Following this link should let you enroll in the open testing system (Play’s equivalent to TestFlight):

Any/all feedback is welcome (even if it’s just “it worked”) - I’ve tested on an emulator but not a real device. Enjoy!

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:wave: Hello again. Fun news: I’ve just opensourced this app. You can find the repo here:

If you’re interested in improving things, or just want to explore what a [far from exemplary] mobile / react-native app looks like, please do have a look. While I haven’t had a ton of time to take things further here, maybe this will help it along. Enjoy!


amazing! from file → new project to awesome open-source app!

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Installed the Android app on a Chromebook and a Pixel 5a.

It looks good and works as expected.

Thank you.

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Nice, thanks for the confirmation, @DazWilkin!

Is it still on TestFlight? The above link is no longer working

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Sorry about that! Looks like it has expired again. I will get a new build pushed - and get this sucker on the app store after that, as it seems it’s been pretty stable!

(And in the meantime please shout if you have any other feedback/suggestions.)

New build pushed, enjoy!

Hey @mikey, it looks like the app expired and the TestFlight link isn’t working (it says no longer accepting users in this beta).

Any chance we could get a refresh? Thanks!

Doh! I really need to get this sucker out. On it!

New build pushed to TestFlight & Android… as usual, holler if any problems!

@rlcustomdesigns (or anyone) - I’m curious if you’ve come to use the app regularly or have found any particular workflows useful? Just curious. I suppose it’s the downside of having zero analytics or third-party reporting in the app - I have no idea how it is being used! :slight_smile:

Hey @mikey thanks for getting it back up again!

I’m using my account to run a Discord bot I created for my community. I use FlyScoop for a super quick and easy way to access its logs. I’ve recently been adding new features to my bot, so having a mobile-friendly way to read my logs is useful to me in case I need to debug something.

If I see something unexpected in its behaviour, I just pull up the app and the logs tell me what happened. That’s basically my use case so far.

One thing I feel I really need is a way to turn the bot on/off. doesn’t offer any killswitch; a simple on/off toggle. I came to from Heroku, who had this. Correct me if I’m wrong but the only way to turn off the app is to use the CLI fly scale --app name count 0 to scale it down to 0, and then to 1 to turn it back on. I can’t use the CLI on mobile - so if it’s possible to do this via API/add this to FlyScoop, that would be perfect.

If I may offer some other feedback:

  • I don’t really have a use for the data transfer graph but it would be good if it had units. I can’t interpret what it means without it.
  • The tab row’s icons are getting cut off at the bottom.
  • The logs don’t have syntax highlighting - and they also don’t recognise coloured logs (they’re showing the codes instead). For reference, it’s a Python app. This is how it’s supposed to look:

This is how it looks in FlyScoop:

I hope that’s useful to you. Let me know if I can help in any other way!