flyctl deploy --build-secret With multiple variable not wotking

Hello, am trying to deploy an app with --build-secrets.

flyctl deploy \
    --build-secret="FUSION_AUTH_URL=$FUSION_AUTH_URL" \

But am getting an error but when i tried setting just one variable it work fine.

Error message

Run flyctl deploy \ --build-secret="FUSION_AUTH_URL=$FUSION_AUTH_URL" \ --build-secret="FUSION_AUTH_PUBLIC_KEY=$FUSION_AUTH_PUBLIC_KEY"_PORT

[32]( accepts at most 1 arg(s), received 2

[33]( accepts at most 1 arg(s), received 2

I haven’t used any build secrets, but based on the error I guess you have got the format wrong. Try this,


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If i run that way then i have a different error

Error: bad flag syntax: -----END

[33]Error bad flag syntax: -----END

any chance the github actions yaml strips new lines, making the backslashes unnecessary?

(random guess on my part)

I was almost sure i have run with this syntax.
This work way works

Haha well as long as it works! :joy::sweat_smile: