Fly Response Headers


Does anyone know if there is a way to remove the Fly-Request-ID or Server http response headers? I’m currently setting a custom Server headers and it’s being overwritten.



Update: Ah, it seems Fly have added the ability to do this within your fly.toml. Give this a try:

Else maybe use TCP-passthrough:

To do that you’d simply comment out the handler in the fly.toml, and so handle it in-app e.g

#handlers = ["tls", "http"]
port = "443"

I’m thinking that if you handle it in-app (e.g with Node or Go), it would avoid using Fly’s handler and so it may not set those particular headers. I say may because it still does pass through a proxy.

Else put another proxy in front of Fly (like Cloudflare) and you could then edit headers there. But that’s a bit icky.

Hey @greg, thanks for the help! I can’t seem to get the fly.toml response headers modifications to work. I replied in the other thread so hopefully I’ll get some more insights there.

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