"Fly-Region" on internal-to-internal http request

Question: If I deployed two apps in the same organization, and appA makes an HTTP request to appB via the private networking internal DNS name, would “Fly-Region” be properly set to the region in which appA was deployed?

Additionally, wishlist, for internal to internal HTTP requests, within the same organization, it would be cool if we got a header that indicated appA’s name.

I think the assumption is that there is some loadbalancing proxy that sits between apps, not just between outside world and the apps? Is this correct?



Most likely not, but the client-instance can explicitly set it as a http-header from FLY_REGION env var?

Similar to above, the client-instance can set this as http-header itself from FLY_APP_NAME env var?

There isn’t a http load balancer at all in the 6pn world. There’s a IP load-balancer if you allocate a Flycast 6pn IP and connect to the other app instances via it.