fly postgres: other machine sizes than in CLI-wizard?

Is there a way to get a fly-postgres-machine in a different configuration than
those listed here (I used the CLI wizard):

shared-cpu-1x - CPU Kind: Shared, vCPUs: 1 Memory: 256MB
shared-cpu-2x - CPU Kind: Shared, vCPUs: 2, Memory: 4GB
shared-cpu-4x - CPU Kind: Shared, vCPUs: 4, Memory: 8GB
shared-cpu-8x - CPU Kind: Shared, vCPUs: 8, Memory: 16GB
performance-1x - CPU Kind: Performance, vCPUs: 1, Memory: 2GB

For us a shared-cpu-1x ($1.94) is too small, but a shared-cpu-2x ($21.40) to big an also a bit too expensive for our purpose.
Is there a way to customize fly-pg it to 1 CPU and 1GB (or 2GB) RAM?

Thanks in advance

hey @teamb

You can scale the RAM in each Machine in your Postgres app individually: Scale Postgres VMs · Fly Docs

You’re limited to the presets when you first create the app, but you have more options once it’s running.

Thanks a lot. That’s perfect :slight_smile: