Fly never routes to the closest location

Hey :wave:
I have an app deployed on fra (main region) and on gru.
I happen to be in Brasil right now and I was testing a couple of things and I noticed that the GET request are never being routed to gru, they go straight to fra server. ok, “never” might be too strong, I see that every like 70th request goes to gru (ballpark guess).

I don’t have any proxy or VPN enabled and can pinpoint me just right.

Any idea what could cause this? app name is sumiu-web

Such is the wild world of Anycast that it could either be the ISP or the infrastructure providers Fly uses that could be causing this.

If it is any solace, I routinely see traffic to Cloudflare’s network (presumably a much bigger Anycast deployment) from Mumbai routinely routed to Amsterdam, Paris, and London instead (unsurprisingly, happens with Fly Anycast, too: Global anycast routed to AMS).

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so there is nothing to do here in the end? I mean, I’m fine with this, it is what it is I guess hahaha just curious

If you can provide a traceroute to your app, we can likely adjust the routes.

hey Jerome, thanks but it looks like it was Cloudflare. I disabled the proxy part, using CF just as DNS and got the gru location just fine