Fly migrate-to-v2 not working on trial accounts

I have a small trial app that is in an empty Organization (Trial mode). I’ve tried to update it to machines v2 via the migrate-to-v2 command. However this failed with:

failed while migrating: input:3: lockApp We need your payment information to continue! Add a credit card or buy credit

Is this expected behaviour that an upgrade on trial accounts is not possible or is there some config flag I need to set?

Anyone from the fly team can comment? Not sure where else to ask this.

Try to add your credit card and try again, perhaps this is their fraud prevention.

That is why I would love if someone from Fly could comment to confirm. I rather not just add a credit card for this (I am more then happy running on apps v1 just thought I help them out by making sure not to stay on legacy deployment methods).

Hey yep this is largely fraud prevention in this case. The message could be clearer in this case so thanks for sharing this. This mostly sums why you’ll see this in some scenarios: How We Use Credit Cards · Fly Docs

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