should create a specialty Blazor hosting offering

Blazor is a newish web frameword technology from Microsoft. Blazor Server maintains application state on the server, and all page interaction requires a round-trip to the server. This means that latency is super important.
It strikes me that’s ability to distribute an app around the world is the perfect solution to the problem of latency with Blazor server. Have you thought about creating a separate “whitelabelled” solution for Blazor devs who just want to get a Blazor Server app with decent latency up & running? I would venture to say that these tend to be corporates (because Microsoft stack) for whom pricing is less of an issue. If you could handle CI/CD, global deployment, logs, database in a convenient package, it could easily become a popular service.
Before I knew about I bought “” domain name - it would be perfect for this whitelabelled service. I would be happy to transfer it to at cost, selfishly I would just like this to exist =)

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There is a saying “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step”.

To be fair, getting Blazor supported at levels equivalent to Elixir, Laravel, or Rails is hardly a journey of a thousand miles, but would you consider starting smaller? Perhaps a blog-style article?

You clearly know Blazor. If you are comfortable with Dockerfiles, the following will get you started: Deploy via Dockerfile · Fly Docs.

If you have questions, the community here can help.

Once you have a working Dockerfile and a companion fly.toml file, all we need is a way to detect a blazor app and we can discuss the next step.

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Thanks Rubys. My app is already living in Azure and it’s OK there because it has relatively low usage and can actually live with not-great latency. This was more of a general enquiry just because latency is even more important for Blazor Server than for many of the other frameworks you already support (because each interaction, not just each API call, has to round-trip to the server).
I only know Blazor well enough to have written an app with it & been impressed with the development experience.