Fly Internal Server Errors when starting new machines (status page not updated?)

I’m seeing my calls to create new apps throw 500s - Internal Server Error. But I don’t see any outages listed on the Fly status page. Region is SJC.

info sjc f46b 7e516061 cakework-controlplane {"error":"Message: 500 Internal Server Error; body: \"{\\\"errors\\\":[{\\\"message\\\":\\\"You hit a Fly API error with request ID: 01GVKAR2DQZF20QDEGS04AMSKN-sjc\\\",\\\"extensions\\\":{\\\"code\\\":\\\"SERVER_ERROR\\\",\\\"fly_request_id\\\":\\\"01GVKAR2DQZF20QDEGS04AMSKN-sjc\\\"}}],\\\"data\\\":{}}\", Locations: []","level":"error","message":"Failed to create new fly app","time":1678907283841}```


There is one now. Probably caused by this:

Thanks! I have been spinning up a ton of new machines and apps over the last 2-3 days, and have been experiencing outages each day. Hopefully the outages are not a result of my load, as I see that a bunch of my apps have been impacted - let me know if I need to ramp down anything.

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No problem. I think it is just an unfortunate coincidence since other people have been reporting issues too.

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