Firecracker VM temporary disk space

I am currently implementing file uploads in my app, written in ASP.NET Core. From the MS Docs, if a file is larger than 64K it will be buffered to disk.

I am attempting to understand the scaling limits of this approach on Fly from a disk capacity point of view. i.e. How much temporary disk space are the Firecracker VMs allocated? I don’t expect to needing to handle massive concurrent uploads, at least not any time soon, but I do like to know roughly what the ceiling would be :slight_smile:

Based on this answer, it’s 5GB:

Fly provides each instance with 5GB of storage


However the recommended solution is to attach a volume. Because …

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OK that’s great. Kurt then goes on to say it’s fine for scratch space, which this would be for my use case, prior to the file being stored in my storage layer.