Filter incicent updates and alerts by region

Hello, as of right now incidents are clearly announced in and you can subscribe to them with email updates, slack messages, etc.

What is the recommended way to filter these incident alerts by region?

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I don’t believe you can filter by region.

On the status page I see you can click on the ‘+’ to expand and look down the regions to see the uptime, which is split by region.

There is an RSS feed … and so maybe you could configure that to be parsed … but again, there isn’t a region tag to filter on, it would be in the title/text: Status - Incident History

I guess with slack/email alerts you could apply a filter at your end, so e.g a filter on the email subject/text to only keep ones with IAD, LHR etc. Assuming the region is always in the title.

Filtering incident alerts by region on our status page is now possible! I’ve just enabled the component subscriptions feature which lets you filter alerts in email or slack subscriptions. You can update filters on an existing subscription through the “manage your subscription” link in any confirmation emails.

I’ve also switched on Webhook notifications, if anyone wants to code up any fancier integrations into their app. (These can also be filtered by component through the subscription management page.)

Thanks for the request, let me know if this works and is helpful for you!


This is awesome @wjordan
Completely solves the problem:

Thank you for the quick response and change.

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