Feature Request : Use buildah in the MVM for updating the image to docker registry

I am building a Machine Manager for Static Data Apps and in connection with it I wanted to make any changes done to the static app persistent across all the instances of the app.

To do this I used flyctl to push the image using the remote builder to the fly registry and it works through it takes more than 20 seconds and uses the free builder.

Was checking whether it is possible to build docker images some other way and came across buildah to build docker images and push to fly registry. The only requirement for buildah seems to be fuse which based on searching the community topics seems to require a change in the kernel and @kurt mentioned in the other thread it will be looked into.

Kindly advice if fuse will/can be enabled in the kernel in future.

This will create persistent mvm shared across regions/instances since that is not currently possible using volumes without sync the volumes or using external mechanisms.