Feature Request: Show more than 20 certificates in dashboard

In the certificates section of the dashboard you can see up to 20 certificates created for an app, even if the app has say, maybe 46 certificates. :blush:

This was a little confusing for me at first, and I needed to check with flyctl that all the certificates were properly attached. The dashboard also shows the certificates in the order they were created, which was also a little confusing as some of the latter ones were alphabetically earlier but not visible. I did eventually use the search feature to check that some of the not shown ones were indeed known to the dashboard.

So hereโ€™s a short summary of some improvements that would be great to see:

  • Some sort of Next/Prev paging so that all certificates can be seen if page length is fixed.
  • Maybe add ability to set larger page lengths.
  • Show certificates in alphabetical order by default (composite with apex then subdomains following their apex probably makes sense).
  • Maybe add date created and/or renewed/updated column.
  • Allow sorting by column header.

This is all definitely wishlist, but thought it worthwhile mentioning.