Feature Preview: DNS + domains

Quick update…

Domain Registration Private Beta

Our domain registration services are almost ready for testing. Here’s the highlights:

  • We’re offering domain registration and renewals at cost. Right now a .com costs about $12/year. We’re hoping to reduce that further over the coming year.
  • We support .com, .app, .dev, .io, .net, .org, and .page TLDs with more coming soon.
  • Registered domains automatically get a fly DNS zone that you can manage with our APIs, flyctl, or our UI
  • transfer in and out coming soon

If you’re interested, DM me with your email & organization and I’ll add you to the private beta.

Domain Reseller Tools

We’ve extended our GraphQL API with tools you can use to build domain reselling services right into your app. The implementation is largely up to you, but here’s roughly how it’ll work:

  • You’ll build the domain search and registration UX into your app using our APIs.
  • As domains are registered, track them in your database and configure your app’s DNS records using our API.
  • We’ll bill your fly account for registrations and you bill your customers. You control your own pricing.
  • Send customers to our white labeled DNS editor if they need to manage custom DNS records, such as mail servers or Google domain verification records. This is a minimal UI that gives restricted control to only a given domain for a limited time.

Once the APIs solidify we’ll release documentation and a reference implementation. If you’re interested in reselling domains, reply or DM me and we’ll talk!