Error while trying to create a new free redis db

hi there

first of all i have to say you have build a great platform! i will be moving all of my projects here.
so i deployed a new app called rambler-work and everything went smoothly however i kept getting errors from redis about bad connections and i quickly realised that a redis db was never provisioned for this app even though i requested though the slick cli wizard

when i tried to create it manually i got this error

alex@alexWork:/var/www/rambler (master)$ flyctl redis create
automatically selected personal organization: Alexandros
? Choose a Redis database name (leave blank to generate one): rambler-redis-new
? Choose a primary region (can’t be changed later) Frankfurt, Germany (fra)

Upstash Redis can evict objects when memory is full. This is useful when caching in Redis. This setting can be changed later.
Learn more at Redis by Upstash · Fly Docs
? Would you like to enable eviction? No
? Optionally, choose one or more replica regions (can be changed later):
? Select an Upstash Redis plan Free: 100 MB Max Data Size
Error input:3: createAddOn You may only provision 1 Free plan per organization

choosing different names seems to have no effect

so my question really is, is it a bug or a feature?
i would be very reluctant to pay USD10/month for 5 apps

If it helps, multiple apps can share a single redis server. For example, the configuration of action cable lets you supply a channel_prefix:

hey rubys,

yeah websockets should be fine since you can prefix the channels i mostly concerned about sidekiq mixing up jobs and queues

A few options are listed here: Prepend automatically ActiveJob queue name prefix when starting Sidekiq with Rails · Issue #4034 · mperham/sidekiq · GitHub

yeah, i guess the separate db option is definitely worth a try

i tried assigning a different db to each app but i am getting this error
ERR Only 0th database is supported! Selected DB: 1

looking into multiple apps on the same instance and i am getting an error on the sidekiq dashboard