Deployments stuck, Then i made it worse

My deployments were getting stuck with previous versions being marked as Pending

I kept trying deploy / restart but didnt solve anything
A help article said to delete my builder app as a new deployment would create a new one
I did this, however now I cant even make a new deployment to get stuck, i just get

==> Building image
WARN Failed to start remote builder heartbeat: You hit a Fly API error with request ID: 01GVKCZ8G6R88PS9DQVMZFE2M6-atl
Error failed to fetch an image or build from source: error connecting to docker: You hit a Fly API error with request ID: 01GVKCZC6PZVG5FYY2XATKXJRE-atl

Any help would be appreciated

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Im also unable to create a new app now

I am able to create a new release with --local-only, but it also gets stuck as pending

I’m in the same situation… there is an ongoing outage right now: Status (

There are also some other threads about this: Degraded performance/Server hanging - #6 by michael

Thanks for pointing this out,
I looked in a couple places and saw no relevant outage

I’m unclear how to re-create my “free” builder now that i fked that up though

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