Deployment With Gulp

I have a gulpfile that runs with my program set to port 8080 but I get allocation errors

Can you share logs or anything else? Those errors mean the app isn’t starting properly.

I got ←[0m←[1;30mFailed Allocations←[0m ←[31m***Error fetching alloc 2502abb0-6601-6400-1450-0df69181c160 500: Internal Server Error←[0m ←[31m***v0 failed - Failed due to unhealthy allocations - no stable job version to auto revert to ←[0m

See what flyctl logs shows, that should have output from your app.

sh: gulp: not found I got that then a bunch more errors but in the package.json "gulp": "4.0.2", "gulp-autoprefixer": "7.0.1", "gulp-clean-css": "4.3.0", "gulp-header": "2.0.9", "gulp-plumber": "^1.2.1", "gulp-rename": "2.0.0", "gulp-sass": "4.1.0", "gulp-uglify": "3.0.2", "merge-stream": "2.0.0"
I have gulp getting installed

It looks like Gulp isn’t installed in the image for whatever reason. You might try building and running your image locally, something like:

docker build . -T gulp-test
docker run -p 8080:8080 gulp-test

Then see if it works on localhost:8080.

This might just be a PATH issue. Try invoking gulp with ./node_modules/.bin/gulp instead.

Ok I will right now I am going to try moving gulp from dev dependencies into dependencies in my package.json

Moving to dependencies worked ajusting my code for fly is hard but worth it :slight_smile:

Ahah! You can probably just tell the app to install dev dependencies if it’s easier, but it does make sense to move gulp like you did if you’re actually running it on the server!