Deploying postgis

I noticed that postgis has been added to flyio/postgres and will supposedly be available in the v0.0.6 release.

I’m wondering when this will be available when using fly postgres create.

  • repo clone method doesn’t work (I can’t get it to successfully deploy)
  • nor does deploy with --image flyio/postgres:14 (although I think it gives me version v0.0.9?)

I was really hoping to deploy today. :disappointed_relieved:

Current image details
  Registry   =
  Repository = flyio/postgres-standalone
  Tag        = 14.1
  Version    = v0.0.5
  Digest     = sha256:b59c6c33c1e019b8942b0992df60bb3fd52db4811ddefc93e1d0b9aac5d9c68e
$ fly image update
Error Image is already running the latest image.

I got postgis to deploy with a flag not included in fly help pg create, that was mentioned in a github issue:

fly pg create --image-ref flyio/postgres:14

However, now I get a permission error when my application tries to run the migrations:

15:36:06.676 [info] execute "CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS postgis"
  ** (Postgrex.Error) ERROR 42501 (insufficient_privilege) permission denied to create extension "postgis"
	     hint: Must be superuser to create this extension.

So I needed to switch the DATABASE_URL that was set for me when running fly postgres attach.