Deploying a retrieval plugin app results in 'Authorization error' in ChatGPT plugin

I have a test app built using OpenAI’s retrieval plugin, and is successfully deployed using following the instructions here: deployment

I can test the upsert/query/delete endpoints successfully by going to

However when I create a ChatGPT plugin, and test it out I get an “Authorization error accessing plugins” error. In checking the logging, I see that the request from the chat doesn’t even reach my app (even though I can see the logs that confirm that the plugin is “discovering” the app). I have also verified that the backend vector database is working and accessible to the app (using a localhost version of the plugin).

Another data point is that I have deployed similar applications using my same workflow in the past (about 2-3 months back), and so it almost seems like some recent change in the side might be at play here? Or maybe something networking wise that might not be “routing” the underlying plumbing correctly.

Any help or pointers on how to debug or what else to look for would be greatly appreciated.


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