Deploy GitLab Runner in

I’m trying to setup a GitLab runner for CI builds of our app. According to the GitLab docs (Run GitLab Runner in a container | GitLab), I need to mount the docker daemon socket (/var/run/docker.sock). So far I’ve been unsuccessful finding out if this is even possible with

  • Are we able to mount files from the host like this?
  • Is anyone else using for GitLab Runners, and if so, do you mind sharing how you got it working?

You can’t mount files from the host, but you can run Docker inside your instance. This would be the way.

Instructions for running a Runner on Linux might be more relevant, but I think you can also base your own Docker image FROM gitlab/gitlab-runner and also install the Docker daemon in there.

We don’t run containers exactly, we run will virtual machines based off of Docker images.

Did you ever sort this out? This topic mentions doing it as well but no examples. I’m basing an image off fly-apps/docker-daemon and trying to use supervisord to get everything to run, having issues making everything run in order though.

I wonder if all the stuff in fly-apps/docker-daemon is required if no external connections are needed

I never got it to work. To be fair though, we’re a very small startup, so I could only dedicate so much time to it. It probably can work though. I ended up just deploying a runner to a normal KVM for now.