Deploy failed after starting to use Sentry

I thought Sentry errors could be nice addition for my hobby project. So I did hit:

flyctl ext sentry create

Which started alright, but after a while failed. And now my project won’t run and I don’t know how to revert this sentry relation. I cannot unset the secret as the project won’t start. I have no idea why this broke it.

Can I rollback to old release somehow?
Any help is more than welcome :pray:

Error from the sentry command:

Setting the following secrets on myapp:

Updating existing machines in 'myapp' with rolling strategy

 ✖ Machine 3xxx9 [app] update failed: timed out waiting for machine to reach starte…
Error: timed out waiting for machine to reach started state: failed to wait for 

There actually is no SENTRY_DSN when viewing secrets from web Dashboard.
So I’m not sure if the process ever got to save it or not.

The machine is actually in STATE replacing, so that pretty much prevents me from adding more memory or anything? At least with basic command found from docs.

:point_right: For now this is solved by destroying the whole machine and creating it again.

I guess this was a learning opportunity for me about using staging/dev machines even with hobby projects :joy:

I still don’t know what did go wrong but next step is to test Sentry with a dev machine.

Note: I’m not marking this as a solution as I don’t think it is a solution for the root problem. Even if I got my project up and running again.

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