Degraded performance/Server hanging

Is Fly experiencing degraded performance right now? My app is running really slow, and the CLI and the Fly dashboard take a lot to load.

Yes, we’re completely down in IAD. Unable to ssh in. doesn’t show anything that should affect us.

$ fly ssh console --app production
Error create ssh certificate: server returned a non-200 status code: 504 (if you haven't created a key for your org yet, try `flyctl ssh establish`)

We have some instances in IAD, but also several in SEA and we are completely down. DAMN.

Hmm now our app is back up but I’m still seeing that “Error create ssh certificate”. Possibly unrelated although I had ssh’d in a couple of hours ago with no issue.

we’re experiencing a similar issue, it’s primarily affecting our PG database machines

We’re on it: Status - Consul cluster outage

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I can’t believe this is happening again, not even one day ago we had a big downtime because of this and it’s already happening again. I really wanted to keep my servers with you, I love your product and I gave you many chances but definitely, your service is not ready for production usage, these downtimes are driving me and my users crazy.


Unfortunately the status tab on the dashboard doesn’t have any warning, even when clicking on it seems everything is alright.

Better to always check the status page instead.

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