Dangling VMs after processes renaming

Hello. I’ve noticed that fly does not remove old VMs from the “Scale” tab.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create fly deployment with “app” and “worker” processes
  2. Deploy app
  3. Look at the “scale” tab. There is two VMs in the dropdown available for scale
  4. Rename “app” process to the “web” in the fly.toml
  5. Deploy app
  6. Go to the “scale” tab

Excepted result: two VMs are available for scale in the dropdown menu: “web” and “worker”
Actual result: three VMs are listed in the dropdown: “app”, “web” and “worker”

Processes are a bit wonky on our end!

One idea to clear that out (not 100% sure it’ll work)

  1. Add a 3rd process with the name “app” (the old process name)
  2. Scale that process to zero
  3. Remove that process

Tried it, didn’t worked. The dangling process is still showed in the UI and CLI.