create postgres cluster from snapshot fails

I am trying to create a new postgres cluster with:
“fly postgres create --snapshot-id xxx”

When I now look at the logs of the running machine i get the following error:
2023-11-10T18:20:43.143 app[2874de7f37d058] cdg [info] Failed to create required users: failed to connect to host=fdaa:0:41eb:a7b:169:e93a:85b3:2 user=postgres database=postgres: failed SASL auth (FATAL: password authentication failed for user “postgres” (SQLSTATE 28P01))

2023-11-10T18:20:43.143 app[2874de7f37d058] cdg [info] flypg | 2023-11-10 18:20:43.142 UTC [726] FATAL: password authentication failed for user “postgres”

Not sure what i should change to make restoring from a snapshot work.

hi @littlestudent

You might have missed the step of detaching the old Postgres app and attaching the new one to your Fly App? See Backup, Restores, & Snapshots · Fly Docs.

More info about what attach and detach does: Attach or Detach a Fly App · Fly Docs

running the detach command returns this:
“Error: no 6pn ips founds for herkules-db app”

trying to attach the new cluster returns this:
“Error: no active leader found”

You could try running fly postgres restart -a your-app-name --force (command reference).

Then wait a few minutes and try the attach commands again.

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