Create/Destroy Clusters On Demand

Hi team,

I’m currently building a SAAS platform that has a requirement to create isolated (at networking lvl) clusters for different customers and destroy it if they don’t need it anymore which will all be done via API calls. However, I’m currently facing the problems below:

  • organization can only start deploying a proper setup after attaching a credit card
  • organization seems to be a cluster by itself and if we’re to create multiple isolated clusters, we’d have to create N organizations and re-attach the credit card over and over again

If I’m right about the above, I’m wondering if there’s a plan to revamp the organization design to the below:

  • 1 organization is attached with a credit card
  • 1 organization can have N isolated clusters (all usage will be charged to the organization’s credit card)
  • 1 isolated cluster is essentially a set of apps that share the same private networking and is attached with 1 static IP v4 address

IMHO, the assumption that 1 organization would only have 1 cluster is kinda weird as all the companies I have worked at in the last decade would have at least 2 clusters (isolated VPC):

  • staging
  • production